§ Impressum

This is a web experiment by Chad Estioco.

I'm trying to make a "modern" website (fast, responsive, and readable) using only the most mundane of tools (CSS I wrote and barely any JS). With these constraints I might even learn a trick or two.

Besides, I really just wanted to make a website that is very personal, maybe even weird, from the design down to its contents.

Why Weird Websites (dot google dot com)?

Reader, there was a time when websites were niche. Web apps were but a pipe dream beyond some very crude CRUD functionality, at least until the introduction of a few technologies as well as the demise of IE6.

But for all that it giveth, and so it taketh.

Gone were the eye-straining defaults for in its place we wrote one too many CSS-rules to meticulously handle all and any viewport + browser configuration. Mobile browsers on limited data plans needed these rules especially so they could browse ad-laden, modal-overloaded websites while maintaining some semblance of usability.

Gone were the pages with tiled background images and custom mouse cursors because we moved all our online presence into walled gardens like Facebook and Medium. It also stopped the autoplaying Evanescence background MIDI which I am totally not complaining about.

Gone were the amateur-ish styling because we included Bootstrap even in the simplest of pages, added the necessary classes and called it a day. Why bother understanding CSS properly when you can clobber Bootstrap classes together and get a half-decent result?

Today, gone are the websites that express personality because websites now promote a personal brand. Safe and nice eye-candy but just about as fun as professionally-designed clip art.

Some people just want to have fun again, mobile-responsiveness be damned.